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Music: Learning music provides a range of opportunities and extensions.

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  • Date :  Jan 27, 2013
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Music provides many opportunities and extensions to address, support and facilitate the Australian Curriculum. For example, music supports multicultural understanding. An event that showcases this is WOMAD (World Music Adelaide)
Since 1992, this multi-day Adelaide-based festival showcases some of the world’s leading musicians in a celebration designed to promote inter-cultural understanding and appreciation (see []).
, a popular world music festival that celebrates different cultures.

To make the most of these opportunities and extensions, teachers will need to plan thematically, share good practice by using the expertise of music specialists and other resource teachers (e.g. ICT/digital technologies), draw upon community resources and access a number of online teaching resources.

There is a wealth of music education resources available through the internet. This package includes a list of some of the leading and most popular web-based music resources available at the time of writing. These resources are listed in the supporting document Annotated list of music resources.

The Global Education website, for example, provides a significant volume of teacher resources, very suitable to the delivery of this package, including art-based activities focusing on Africa. Whereas the focus of this resource is not specifically on music, teachers may want to link to resources similar to this one to address the cultural context of world music and to support the web quest activity in Lesson 1. The site is fully searchable, so a search of 'African music' would lead to a profile on Nigeria, which outlines some facts and information about the country.

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