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Visual Arts: Year 5 students from Kingston State School making a three-dimensional self portrait from plasticine.

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  • Author :  admin
  • Date :  Feb 14, 2013
  • Views :  8785
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    Sandra Gattenhof, Chief Writer

    Andrew Thomson, Photographer

  • Tags :  Abstraction, Arts teacher, Arts-POP, Picasso, Visual Arts, co-planning

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

All lessons in the teaching sequence were taught by the school's arts teacher in a dedicated art space in the school. These lessons were supported with literacy activities undertaken outside the time indicated in a general classroom space. In one lesson, the principal observed the lesson taught by the arts teacher and provided feedback about lesson structure, teaching strategies and behaviour management. Where possible, the arts teacher and the Year 5 class teacher co-planned aspects of the unit. However, the Year 5 class teacher was not present when the class undertook the lessons with the arts teacher.

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