Impact and Value – Student Achievement

An annotated selection of readings for school leaders and teachers


Annotated comment

Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development


Critical Links reported on 62 separate research studies. See in particular the 'Compendium Summary: the Arts Academic' and 'Social Outcomes' where Catterall (pp.152–153) provides a useful table listing the arts learning in each subject area and the related cognitive capacities and motivations to learn.

Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement

This an updated, 24-page PDF summary of Critical Links that incorporates information on the more recent No Child Left Behind (NCLB) policy in the USA.

The Arts and Australian Education: Realising Potential


Ewing's very timely report on state of the arts in Australian Schools. See 'Setting the scene': an overview of the value of the arts by examples of international research studies; 'International research over the last decade': an overview of research into the value of arts education in last ten years; 'Recent developments in arts research methodologies': recent research into the value of arts education; 'The Arts as critical pedagogy': arts education successes in Australian schools.

Champions of Change: The Impact of the Arts on Learning


An important report: see especially the evaluation of the Chicago Arts Partnerships Education by Catterall and Waldorf on pp.47–63. The partnership developed arts-integrated curricula in 14 schools, in high-poverty neighbourhoods, and showed dramatic improvements in academic performance.

DICE: Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education


An international EU-supported project, a cross-cultural research study investigating the effects of educational theatre and drama on five of the eight Lisbon Key Competences: Communication in the mother tongue, Learning to learn, interpersonal, intercultural and social competences, Civic competence, Entrepreneurship and cultural expression.

Doing Well and Doing Good by Doing Art: A 12-year National Study of Education in the Visual and Performing Arts on the Achievements and Values of Young Adults


Catterall's study provides important insights about the way learning in the arts transfers to other disciplines. Statistical tracking proves that intensive involvement in the arts during middle years and high school is a foundation for higher levels of achievement and college attainment and also with adult civic participation. 

Creative Learning: People and Pathways

Thriving Minds is a project that provides creative learning programs and other academic support services to students in grade K–8 in classrooms, after-school programs and neighborhood facilities. Extensive research produced six important principles that describe how young people develop creatively and the pathways that promote creative growth.

A Pedagogy of Trust: Improving Educational Outcomes Through Partnerships


The Australia Council and Northern Territory Education and the Arts Partnership Initiative's research project sought to determine whether improved educational outcomes could be achieved by transforming the quality of relationships between teachers and students, teachers and their colleagues, and with school leadership and families. The results prove that engaged teaching and learning leads to improved educational outcomes for students.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.