Impact and Value – Employment and participation in the arts

An annotated selection of readings for school leaders and teachers


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More than Bums on Seats: Australian Participation in the Arts


A comprehensive picture of how Australians participate in the arts today. This research will help arts organisations to better understand their audiences and make their art even more accessible. For policy makers, this study identifies the key factors which will impact Australians' future participation in the arts. It also identifies barriers and incentives which impact participation. This research aims to provide insights into the attitudes and values that influence our creative participation (where we make something ourselves) and our receptive participation (when we attend a live event, an exhibition or read literature)

Arts Participation: How Does Australia Compare to Other Countries?


A short summary of the key findings on Australian participation of the arts, taken from the full report, More Than Bums on Seats: Australian Participation in the Arts. (Australia Council for the Arts, 2010)

What’s Your other job? A Census Analysis of Arts Employment in Australia


This study analyses data from three Australian population censuses (1996, 2001 and 2006) in relation to arts employment. It includes a new measure of the size of total employment in the arts by including all relevant occupations and industries. It also gives a picture of artists working in non-arts industries and compares working artist incomes with other occupations. Note that here the arts are placed within the context of the 'creative industries' definition which includes: music and performing arts; film, TV, radio; advertising and marketing; software, web and multimedia development; writing, publishing and print media; architecture, design and visual arts.

This report defines the sectors of employment as:
– arts-related specialists: those employed in arts-related occupations such as a self-employed graphic designer within the defined arts industries such as 'creative arts'
– arts embedded: those employed in artist occupations in other industries across the economy such as a singer employed in hospitality or a ceramic artist in ceramic manufacturing
– arts-related embedded: those employed in arts-related occupations in other creative industries such as a graphic designer employed by an advertising agency.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.