Impact and Value – The 'arts-rich' school

An annotated selection of readings for school leaders and teachers

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Re-investing Through Arts Education: Winning America's Future Through Creative Schools

The report from the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH) confirms the value of arts in education, especially for at-risk students who have limited access to cultural resources in their lives.

Gaining the Arts Advantage: Lessons from School Districts that Value Arts Education

This report details public school districts throughout the USA who have made the arts an essential part of the general education of all students. All of the districts discussed have been recognised for the outstanding quality of their arts programs.

UNESCO: Questionnaire on the Implementation of the Road Map for Arts Education

A Canadian benchmarking of the current state of arts education and the statewide diversity of approaches. The report includes detailed examples.

ArtsSmarts: Engaged in Learning: The ArtsSmarts Model


Through ArtsSmarts artists are placed in the schools and communities and funding is provided to allow schools and communities to offer arts-related activities linked to educational outcomes. This paper develops ArtsSmarts' theory of learning centred on the concept of student engagement. It synthesises the results of approximately a dozen internal research studies on student learning and program effectiveness conducted during ArtsSmarts' first eight years.

The Chicago Arts Partnership

The Chicago Arts Partnership (CAPE) is an organisation assisting teachers to facilitate arts integration in action. Students, educators and researchers collaborate to explore, develop, implement and assess arts integration models in Chicago Public Schools. For the past 20 years, CAPE's findings have influenced and contributed to the broader field of arts education, nationally and internationally. CAPE's website includes links to their Roadmap, How to Guides, and to a database of project examples by year group and arts strands.

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