Impact and Value – How arts-rich is your school?

To begin a whole-of-school conversation about the arts in your school circulate the following questionnaire to a sample group of parents, teachers and school leaders and compare their answers. Each person should answer YES or NO to the following 10 questions to assess the quality of arts education in your school. These answers can then be circulated among the school community for further discussion.

  1. Does your school offer a curriculum that includes dedicated study in Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and the Visual Arts?
  2. Does your school offer a scaffolded curriculum for learning in and through the arts?
  3. Does your school use learning in the arts to connect with your local community?
  4. In the last 12 months have all classes participated in at least one school excursion to engage in arts activities?
  5. Are there an equal number of awards for the arts as for other subject areas e.g., mathematics, sciences, language arts?
  6. Does your school have a plan for growing the arts within both the formal and informal curriculum of the school?
  7. Is the school staff equally committed to arts education and education in science, mathematics and language arts?
  8. In the last 12 months has arts education in your school attracted any external funding opportunities for arts learning activities?
  9. In the last 12 months have any visiting artists contributed to the arts education experiences for students in your school?
  10. In the past 12 months have all staff been supported by your school to undertake professional learning in the arts?

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.