Drama – Ravensbourne - Student Technology Work 1
Ravensbourne - Student Technology Work 1 thumbnail Drama
PLANNING thumbnail Dance
This Dance Arts-POP illustrates how planning in dance involves a number of levels of critical thought, implementation and reflective evaluation.  Firstly, the teacher created a concept map or curriculum web, which outlined the range of...
Dance – Implementation
Implementation thumbnail Dance
This unit of work was designed around children's interests in butterflies after one child brought a dead butterfly in a jar to share with her teacher and friends. This generated much interest in the shape, features and movement qualities of the...
Dance – Dance
Dance thumbnail Dance
This Dance Arts-POP outlines a unit of work entitled Metamorphosis which has been designed to allow young children to explore their ideas and understandings of the life cycle of the butterfly.  The unit is designed to illustrate how through dance...
Dance – Student Learning
Student Learning thumbnail Dance
The teacher used a variety of approaches to support the documentation of children's learning.Firstly, the teacher's critical evaluations from each week were used to maintain a comprehensive and systematic documentation of the dance class content...
Dance – Opportunities & Extensions
Opportunities & Extensions thumbnail Dance
Learning in dance can be integrated into a variety of pedagogical approaches, including A way of working with children that encompasses an in-depth inquiry over time.. Young children are interested in exploring the world using their bodies, and...
Dance – Package Specifications
Package Specifications thumbnail Dance
This unit, Metamorphosis, was planned and implemented at the Early Learning Centre in Melbourne and comprises details of how a dance teacher, Janice Deans, and a group of 20 four- and five-year-old children established a community of learners to e...
Drama – Ravensbourne Drama
Ravensbourne Drama thumbnail Drama
Welcome to the Ravensbourne Drama Project. This is an Arts POP in progress.The Ravensbourne Drama is being undertaken by two schools ‘twinning’ on the work. Twinning involves students undertaking many of the same steps of the drama in their...
Drama – Package Specifications
Package Specifications thumbnail Drama
Learning in and through the arts has obvious connections with other learning areas. Students’ development of understanding, knowledge and skills in the arts helps make learning real and adds a richness and relevance to learning in other areas. So...
Drama – Planning
Planning thumbnail Drama
Package Specifications Planning Implementation Student Learning Opportunities & Extensions-->
Drama – Opportunities & Extensions
Opportunities & Extensions thumbnail Drama
Three sets of opportunities and extensions present themselves:Extensions to this dramaa. Process drama can be used to explore other themes. Moments in The Treasure of Trivandrum that could be used to explore other possible themes are, for example,...
Drama – Implementation
Implementation thumbnail Drama
For the full story and details of this unit, see support documents: Full planning schema and Teacher prompt notes.Teaching drama does demand a little specialised classroom practice. Further detailed tips on teaching drama that applied in this The...
STUDENT LEARNING thumbnail Drama
In process drama, both dramatic action and learning build up over time, leading to deep knowledge rather than simple facts. The students worked intensively in blocks of time and collaboratively, with the teacher and each other, to create their...
Drama – Package Specifications
Package Specifications thumbnail Drama
This unit, The Treasure of Trivandrum, comprises 5 x 1.5-hour sessions.The school and teachersThe teaching took place in Wilston State School, Queensland, in October 2012, with twenty-three Year 4 students of mixed ability and gender who had done...
Drama – Drama
Drama thumbnail Drama
This Drama Arts-POP has been devised to demonstrate how students can through drama simultaneously learn multiple subject areas and general capabilities. In This is drama with no outside audience, where the participants use a range of types of...
PLANNING thumbnail Drama
Since drama's subject matter is centred on human behaviour, and besides learning the art form, knowledge and skills to express human behaviour, drama planning can begin from a number of different • Drama content or skills to be learned • Content...
Building Expertise – Engaging The Local Arts Community
Engaging The Local Arts Community thumbnail Building Expertise
The National Education and the Arts Statement encourages teachers and local arts communities to strengthen their relationships to promote a strong arts presence in schools. They state:Working constructively with Australia's thriving arts and...
Building Expertise – Accessing online resources
Accessing online resources thumbnail Building Expertise
Twenty-first century teaching and learning present new opportunities for teachers to seek out arts-based resources and expertise available online. Teachers can also contribute to the growing body of available lesson plans, resources and creative...
Building Expertise – Expanding your professional learning network
Expanding your professional learning network thumbnail Building Expertise
Building an arts-oriented professional learning network (PLN)In his Cultivating Your Personal Learning Network, David Warlick defines a personal or professional learning network as a set of practices and techniques for attracting and organising a ...
Building Expertise – Flipping the arts classroom
Flipping the arts classroom thumbnail Building Expertise
Because some teachers lack expertise in the broad range of creative arts disciplines, a different approach to implementing arts within the classroom environment may be needed. One useful approach may be to 'flip the classroom' for arts...
This package helps teachers gain and utilise expertise to assist in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts within schools. This package extends the whole of system effort to skill-up professional teaching capacity in each of...
Impact and Value – Employment and participation in the arts
Employment and participation in the arts thumbnail Impact and Value
The arts and entertainment industries are major employers of Australian creative talent and it is important to acknowledge that many students may eventually have a career in the arts or related industries. The general assumption of 'the starving...
Impact and Value – Improved Student Achievement
Improved Student Achievement thumbnail Impact and Value
Research undertaken internationally and nationally now unequivocally identifies the benefits that arts education has to learning and student achievement generally. The outcomes of this research have provided the grounds upon which leading...
Impact and Value – The 'arts-rich' school
The 'arts-rich' school thumbnail Impact and Value
In order to maximise the benefit and impact of arts education, research points to the success of schools that are 'arts-rich', where student engagement in the life of the school is high and where students can thrive in all subject areas, creating...
Impact and Value – Developing 21st century skills
Developing 21st century skills thumbnail Impact and Value
In her report Educating for the Creative Workforce: Rethinking Arts and Education (2007), Kate Oakley acknowledged three separate but interlinked factors were transforming both education and the emerging 21st century workplace. These factors...

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