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Arts service organisation resources

Accessible Arts

Accessible Arts provides advice to teachers working to establish or improve programs that enable people with a disability to develop their creative potential. Educators can contact Accessible Arts for support in the development of inclusive arts programs across dance, film and media, literature, music and visual arts.


ArtsACT offers educators funding and resources for the arts. Resources are arranged by art form, including community arts; dance, film – screen and digital; literature; music; theatre; and visual arts, craft and design. The resource sections also include lists of relevant funding sources, organisations and policy.


The ArtsCareer site offers high-quality resources, information and advice to artists and arts educators in dance, drama, inter-arts, literature, media, music and visual arts, with a focus on professional development. Educators can access articles and reports on curriculum and assessment, teaching and learning, guidelines, standards and professional learning opportunities across these forms. 'Career TV' provides podcasts from arts professionals and teachers.

ArtsEdge, Western Australia

ArtsEdge is a partnership between the Western Australia Department of Education and the Department of Culture and the Arts. The site provides information on artists-in-schools and artist-in-residence programs, and a list of F–12 resources in creative writing, dance, design, drama, media, music and visual arts.

Arts Hub

Arts Hub provides educators with the latest arts news, events and jobs in Australia across music, visual arts, film and television, dance and circus, theatre and festivals.

Arts Industry Council Victoria

The Arts Industry Council Victoria (AICV) is a peak industry body that represents all arts in Victoria. AICV provides direct advice to its members about research and policy in the arts. From this site, teachers can access a list of reports and documentation on arts policy and legislation in Victoria, nationally and internationally, as well as a series of links to Australian and international arts organisations.

Arts New South Wales

Arts New South Wales is the state government's arts policy and funding body. This general resources site provides links to organisations, that can advise artists and creative workers on making a living, useful connections and resources, and community uses of school facilities.

Arts New South Wales

Arts New South Wales provides significant funding to peak bodies and service organisations to provide these specialist services in NSW. This site lists a number of these specialist arts organisations, which include those that support inclusive arts education, music, dance, visual arts, writing and history.

Arts Northern Territory

Arts Northern Territory's primary role is to support and develop the artistic and cultural potential of the Territory. The site provides support to educators through community grants, the quick response scheme and community festivals, along with a regularly updated arts news section.

Arts Victoria

Arts Victoria provides a list of links to youth arts networks in Victoria and Australia. They are relevant to those seeking advice and information about funding, mentorships and arts development for young and emerging artists.

Arts Queensland

Arts Queensland lists organisations funded by Arts Queensland that provide support, offer collaborative opportunities, and run arts projects across the areas of theatre and writing, visual art, craft and design, creative communities, and festivals, dance and music.

Artslink Queensland

Artslink lists Queensland-based arts and cultural institutions. Educators can access organisations that provide grants and funding, and arts organisations in Queensland that offer support and collaboration with educators. 

Arts South Australia

Arts South Australia (ARTS SA) is a support organisation that provides resources for educators in the form of research into the benefits of arts in communities, links to key arts organisations nationally, and protocols for working with children and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Arts Tasmania

Arts Tasmania is a support organisation that assists with funding and professional development.

Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales

The Association of Independent Schools (AIS) of New South Wales provides a list of professional learning courses and events across primary and secondary schools in creative arts, music and visual arts.

Australian Capital Territory Government, Education and Training Directorate

This Australia Capital Territory Government Education and Training Directorate site provides teaching and learning support in the form of advice to teachers and general arts resources. Arts related resources include details of arts education conference proceedings, performing arts showcases and curriculum programs. 

Australia Council for the Arts

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body. Educators can browse the resource section by art form, including digital, new media and film, Indigenous arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, music, performing arts, theatre and visual arts.

Australia Council for the Arts: How to Do an Arts Project, Where to Get Help

The How to Do an Arts Project, Where to get Help (H2W2) page provides a detailed tool kit for educators and young people on getting an arts project up and running. This series of documents moves from the initial concept, planning and delivering, to dealing with common issues such as copyright. It also provides case studies of young people’s projects, as well as lists of contacts for advice and help.

Creative Commons

This online database of creative commons material allows users to search for images, music, media and video that can be ripped, mixed and burned under certain circumstances. Students could use resources retrieved under creative commons licence in their creative outputs. Educators can use images, audio and other resources in their slides and class plans.

Cultural Infusion

Cultural Infusion is a social enterprise that works in education, youth, communities and the arts to promote cultural harmony and wellbeing for a more cohesive and richer society. The site contains links to teaching materials, tour dates, concerts and events. They provide a number of interactive programs to support school curriculum in areas such as social education, performing arts and physical education.


DADAA is a support organisation based in Fremantle, Western Australia, that specialises in community cultural development, focusing on creating significant positive social change and opportunities for people with a disability or a mental illness. DADAA runs workshops in painting, mixed media, ageing and disability, the Artlinks children’s program, and Indigenous Allied Arts and Health. The organisation also provides community study spaces.

Western Australia Department of Culture and the Arts

The Department of Culture and the Arts (DCA), Western Australia, provides educators with funding through the Young People and the Arts Program, ArtsEdge, and a strategic arts in education partnership between DCA and the Department of Education.

History Council, New South Wales

The History Council of New South Wales (HCNSW) offers a number of history and cultural activities in the 'What’s On' section that may be of interest to teachers.

New South Wales Department of Education and Training

The New South Wales Department of Education and Training lists resources such as books and audio CDs for arts
disciplines. Most resources are available for sale through DET sales.

New South Wales Department of Education and Training: K–12 Creative Arts

The arts curriculum team provide support to dance, drama, music and visual arts teachers in NSW public schools. From this site teachers can access artsVoice and curriculum eNews for dance, drama, music and visual arts. Teachers can investigate applying for the Artists in Schools program.

Tasmanian Regional Arts

Tasmanian Regional Arts (TRA) works with artists and a range of organisations and communities to support the development, presentation and promotion of the arts throughout Tasmania. The website contains links to TRA projects, funding for educators and artists, and up-coming events such as performances and exhibitions.

The Arts Unit

The Arts Unit is a support organisation that is part of Specialist Programs, Schools, within the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities. It provides support to educators by delivering programs and services that are beyond the capacity of individual schools and regions. The site provides links to professional development opportunities and student-learning experiences in drama, visual art, music and dance.

TTA: Professional Development for Australian Teachers

This commercial support organisation offers educators professional development opportunities, which can be located by state and subject area, including the arts. Most are focused on secondary teaching, although there are some primary teaching professional development opportunities available. Creative arts subjects include photography and digital media, visual arts, music, drama and dance.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria: The Arts Domain

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria: The Arts Domain page contains links to arts-related learning, and teaching support materials. Websites, publications and other online resources, arts assessment maps, sample tasks and professional learning support are included.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria

On the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria: Teacher Resources page, educators can search resources by key word, year level and learning category. This site also contains links to a number of innovative arts-based programs for schools as well as links to professional development opportunities and government policy and guidelines for education and practice.

Young People and the Arts Australia

Young People and the Arts Australia (YPAA) is a support body for organisations and practitioners that engages children and young people in the arts. Educators may find the resources page particularly useful; it provides a list of guides on working with children, information for young and emerging artists, and young people's participation and engagement with the arts.

Youth Arts Queensland

The Youth Arts Queensland (YAQ) is a support organisation that provides the latest in arts news, opportunities, events, blogs and interviews that are relevant to young and emerging Queensland artists and practitioners working with young creatives. Resources include an Arts Directory listing key organisations in Queensland and Australia, lists of grants and funding, workshop notes from previous YAQ workshops, fact sheets on writing grants, careers in the arts, and time management.

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