Managing Resources – Visual Arts:
Annotated selection of resources for teachers and learning designers

Annotated selection of resources for teachers and learning designers

Art Education Association of Western Australia

The Art Education Association of WA is a support organisation that promotes best practice and innovation in arts education. This is achieved through professional development opportunities, resources, publications and workshops.

Art Education Australia

Art Education Australia (AEA) is a support organisation for educators, and an advocacy agency for the arts in education. The links section provides a list of galleries and museums as well as arts education institutions.

Art Education: Five Ways to Integrate: Using Strategies from Contemporary Art

This US article by Julia Marshall offers advice for teachers who want to teach through art and about art in an integrated mode. It also shows teachers and students some doable art-based ways to connect art to other parts of the curriculum.

Art Education Victoria

Art Education Victoria (AEV) is a support organisation, providing educators with specialist art curriculum information, quality resources and professional learning programs.

Art Gallery NSW

Art Gallery NSW provides programs for schools and links general resources around a theme. Resources include collection notes and exhibition kits, audio tours of exhibitions, and children's trails colour booklets with discussion points and activities around the gallery's collections. Educators can subscribe to an e-newsletter. The What's On for Teachers section offers professional development opportunities.

Art Gallery of South Australia

The Art Gallery of South Australia provides programs for schools and general resources around themes. Secondary school students can attend workshops and masterclasses in oil painting, life drawing, self-portraits, and artistic language. Students in Years 2–9 can play an online interactive game exploring the gallery collection and artistic techniques. Educators can attend exhibition briefings and professional learning workshops. This Resources section provides access to an online art gallery, video and audio clips related to past exhibitions.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

The Art Gallery of Western Australia offers site-specific programs for schools. The site offers education sheets, which details learning outcomes related to interactive tours around themes of Australian identity, appreciating art, improvisational games in the gallery space, colour, landscape and portraiture. There is also a list of recommended texts.

Art in Action

Art in Action is an American non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing visual arts education to the classroom. This site provides links to general resources for primary school educators and are grouped around themes. Arts and crafts activities encourage the integration of art into other learning programs and cultural contexts.

Art on the Move

Art on the Move is a Western Australian support organisation that provides programs for schools and general resources around themes. Art on the Move funds the 'Smarter than Smoking' Artbus. Many artists run workshops on the bus with themes such as Indigenous art and issues, the human condition, Asian culture, WA environmental concerns, consumption and urban spaces. Subscription allows teachers to access educational resources that include ideas for activities that link with Australian and WA curriculum frameworks.  Some resources are available on the site without subscription.

Association for Middle Level Education: 'Integrating Authentic Visual Arts'

In this north American site, art educator Jacqueline McDowell's article provides general advice to teachers. She describes how she began integrating arts activities into other disciplines and some of the challenges she faced.

Australian Centre of Contemporary Art

The Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (ACCA), based in Melbourne, provides programs for schools and general resources for educators around a theme. Programs include 'talk, think, make': guided tours, contemporary art as a stimulus for dialogue about philosophical themes and hands-on workshops. Resources include education kits linking to past exhibitions and contemporary artists, and related sound files and videos.

Asia Art Archive

This site provides general arts resources around the theme of contemporary Chinese art. The site would be suitable for older secondary students. Students and educators can search an online catalogue of over 35,000 records, which include digital images, correspondences, artists' personal documents, and streaming audio and video of performance art, artist talks, lectures and other art events. Topics and themes include the future of performance art, new directions in art from Pakistan, art patronage in India and China and archiving contemporary art.

Bendigo Art Gallery

The Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria provides programs for schools. Students have the opportunity to see the development of the visual arts in Australia and gain insights into Australian history, the environment, and the nature and growth of Australian society. The Gallery also provides professional development workshops and conferences for teachers, as well as teaching kits for specific exhibitions.

Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia

The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA) provides programs for secondary schools. Programs involve guided gallery visits that provide students with the skills to look at, understand and talk about art. Educators can tailor the visits to develop learning outcomes as well as consult with the CACSA education officer in this process.

Art Junction

This site contains some useful general resources around a theme for visual arts teachers interested in topics related to pragmatic use of the internet in the art room. Resources include an introduction to how art teachers can make the most of the Internet by transforming existing online resources, and working towards today’s art curriculum goals by using teaching strategies and rewarding classroom projects for students. 

Kaldor Public Arts Projects

Kaldor Public Art Projects develops support resources for  Australian education. Resources include  video art, contemporary art in primary schools, public art and a variety of art project education kits.

Goshen College

This US based site contains a collection of general advice for teachers, lesson plans, worksheets and art education essays. Essay topics range from teaching thinking and feeling, rituals in the art classroom, thinking with clay, practical guides, safety in the art classroom, planning art lessons, and design and composition.

National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) provides programs for schools that foster a greater understanding and knowledge of visual art and the creative process as well as increase sensitivity to cultural differences and cultural identity. The site contains links to Foundation to Year 12 programs, which are two-hour or whole-day study sessions around current exhibitions. Resources include worksheets and audio tours in early Australian art, Indigenous art, Van Gough and Cezanne, Asia-Pacific photography and links to current exhibitions. The National Gallery of Australia also provides online users access to a large number of artworks displayed at the gallery.

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) provides programs for schools led by a gallery-employed educator. The brochure of upcoming exhibitions can be downloaded from the site. On-site programs relate to war, conflict and peace, and identity, relating to the domains of English, the arts and history. NGV also offers outreach programs off-site, providing student and educator learning that can be tailored to suit learning outcomes.

National Gallery of Victoria: Tradition and Transformation

This site is a preview of Tradition and Transformation: Indigenous Art in the NGV collections, the first stage of an online interactive source that aims to bring the extensive collection of Indigenous Art in the National Gallery of Victoria to Victorian schools via online and interactive technologies. The site includes videos and an interactive map, and the resource informs students about matters of cultural identity, diversity, respect and the use of symbols as a powerful visual language.

Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art

Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA) provides site-specific programs for schools and travelling exhibitions for regional areas in Queensland. Teachers are invited to use the online resources and design their own museum experience. Online resources include the QAGOMA app iTours for mobile and tablet devices, videos from curators and artists relevant to exhibitions, and a list of current exhibitions and their relevance to school subjects.

Screen Australia Digital Learning: Arts Education

This site provides general resources on a theme. Educators can access over 20 visual-arts related video clips, covering topics from Aboriginal art, Islamic art, Australian artists, drawing, linocuts, lithography, portraiture, photography, pottery and sculpture, with accompanying background information and suggested class activities.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) provides programs for schools and lesson plans and worksheets. The TMAG also offers an outreach program that includes professional enrichment for educators and workshops for students, developed in consultation. The gallery's YouTube channel features arts and cultural videos related to the collections.

Tasmanian Art Teachers Association

The Tasmanian Art Teachers Association is a support organisation that offers art education advice, information and assistance to members, as well as advocacy for the education section. The site also contains an online gallery space for schools to share their art. The Links section connects to a variety of arts organisations in Tasmania and Australia.

Tate Collectives

Tate Collectives in the UK is a blog space for student and teacher sharing. Users can upload their personal art works and discover and discuss others' work. Students can create an online gallery space. However, the site requires users to be 16 years or older to create a profile and contribute.

Tate Modern

The site focuses mainly on programs for UK schools and visits to the Tate. However, Australian educators can access online courses in artist's techniques and methods and introduction to drawing techniques.
Tate Kids provides online interactivity for younger students. Students can access online games around topics such as Cubism, body painting, Turner, short story writing inspired by Tate collections, and painting. Students can upload the work they create in these games to the online gallery and view and comment on other students' work.

Zart Art

This Victorian based company provides general resources for primary schools around a theme and professional development workshops for teachers. Hands-on arts and crafts activities respond to themes of cultural diversity, the environment, outer space and Melbourne landmarks. Activities also support skills development in silk and papermaking, felting, mosaics, carving and card making.

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