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Over the last decade a shift has occurred in Australia from an outcomes-based approach to curriculum design and delivery to organising curriculum delivered as essential learning(s). Curriculum is identified in terms of essential learning that specifies standards for student achievement. Schools have been encouraged to develop rich curriculum contexts that will achieve the relevant standards. This article explores the place of the arts, and in particular music, in an essential learning framework. The knowledge, skills and behaviours of all arts disciplines are described in the frameworks in generic language. The impact on the provision and delivery of music will be discussed. Factors under consideration include the practical application of teaching music in schools by generalist and specialist teachers and the challenges presented for the education of pre-service generalist teachers.

  • Music Education: Pay for Play

    Richard Letts, Music Council of Australia
    This article on music education in schools was published in The Australian.  It presents an informed opinion of the current state of music education in Australian schools and a summary of the benefits of music in schools. The article gives key facts about the lack of music education in Australian primary schools and argues the case for a substantial increase in provision.

  • The Music Instinct:  Science and Song

    ABC 2-part series (available on DVD or by order)
    This two-part program outlines a number of conceptual and scientific breakthroughs which inform our understanding of music making. This program makes links to other Australian Curriculum areas such as science as well as generating discussion on the role and importance of music in communities and within our schools.
    As stated on the website:
    'Through the course of the series, scientists – with the aid of philosophers, spiritual leaders, and musicians themselves – all help to provide an in-depth look at the power of music'.

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