Music – Webquest answer key:
Origins, facts and uses of the djembe

Source: Open ClipArt.


Using the search feature, find out what you can about the African djembe drum. Fill out this proforma and save it in your student public personal folder as WebQuest Djembe _YourName.


  1. What does the word djembe mean? 
    Gather together in Peace and/or 'tree and goat'

  2. There is a story circulating about the 'true inventor' of the djembe. The djembe looks a lot like the tool she was using. What was that tool?
    A mortar

  3. What two west African countries are said to have originated or 'invented' the djembe?
    Mali and Guinea

  4. In Africa, what is the djembe used for? 
    Special ceremonies, weddings funerals, gatherings, and now modern music

  5. What are they made of? 
    Wood and goat skin, sometimes with fur

  6. List another cool fact you found out about the djembe, or paste in a picture you found from Google. Hint: when searching Google, select images on the left-hand side menu.
    Open-ended answer


Suggested search terms: djembe, origin, history, uses

Vary Google: using AND, OR, 'EXACT PHRASE' when searching Google
Useful websites: |

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