Children's Responses to the Raven

Response #1 : From The Green People (2013–11–12)


You should give back the sun because…
…the people kept on getting hurt but then they got better.
…the villagers were helping each other.
….the villagers brought happiness back into each others lives?
…they all cared about each other.
…they made each other feel safe.
…they shared their feelings with each other.
…they worked together.
…they communicated with each other.

Response #2 : From Timber Falls (2013–11–13)

Dear Raven,

We have watched the submissions. They were all interesting and unique in their own ways with the presentations, but the solutions were a bit too fast and simple.
They are learning to show more sympathy and compassion and we hope we get our sun back soon.

Yours sincerely,

Timberland Falls.

Response #3 : From The Green People (2013–11–19)

Thank you to the Timberland Villagers who gave us an honest reply to our presentations. We hope that in the future we will all show compassion and sympathy through many generations to come. Thanks to the Raven