Dance – Class Structure

To dance is human – Judith Hanna

To dance is human 1To dance is human 2To dance is human 3
To dance is human 4To dance is human 5To dance is human 6

Welcome and introduction to class content

Welcome and introduction photo 1Welcome and introduction photo 2Welcome and introduction photo 3
Welcome and introduction photo 4Welcome and introduction photo 5Welcome and introduction photo 6

Finding a space and making a shape

Finding a space photo 1Finding a space photo 2Finding a space photo 3
Finding a space photo 4Finding a space photo 5Finding a space photo 6


Warm-up dance photo 1Warm-up dance photo 2Warm-up dance photo 3
Warm-up dance photo 4Warm-up dance photo 5Warm-up dance photo 6

Practising skills

practising dance skills 1practising dance skills 2practising dance skills 3
practising dance skills 4practising dance skills 5practising dance skills 6

Shapes in space

creating shapes in space 1creating shapes in space 2creating shapes in space 3
creating shapes in space 4creating shapes in space 5creating shapes in space 6

Using props

using props 1using props 2using props 3
using props 4using props 5using props 6

Flying and landing

flying and landing photo 1flying and landing photo 2flying and landing photo 3
flying and landing photo 4flying and landing photo 5flying and landing photo 6

The Wandering Dance

The Wandering Dance Step 1The Wandering Dance Step 2The Wandering Dance Step 3
The Wandering Dance Step 4The Wandering Dance Step 5The Wandering Dance Step 6

Spontaneous solo dance

solo dancer 1solo dancer 2solo dancer 3
solo dancer 4solo dancer 5solo dancer 6

Performed improvised duet

2 girls in an improvised duet 12 girls in an improvised duet 22 girls in an improvised duet 3
2 girls in an improvised duet 42 girls in an improvised duet 52 girls in an improvised duet 6

Cocoons and caterpillars

being cocoons and caterpillars 1being cocoons and caterpillars 2being cocoons and caterpillars 3
being cocoons and caterpillars 4being cocoons and caterpillars 5being cocoons and caterpillars 6
being cocoons and caterpillars 7being cocoons and caterpillars 8being cocoons and caterpillars 9

Cocoons, caterpillars, butterflies and wrapping wings

cocoons, caterpillars, butterflies 1cocoons, caterpillars, butterflies 2cocoons, caterpillars, butterflies 3

Collaborative learning

collaborative learning 1collaborative learning 2collaborative learning 3
collaborative learning 4collaborative learning 5collaborative learning 6

A flying and wrapping solo

flying and wrapping solo dance 1flying and wrapping solo dance 2flying and wrapping solo dance 3
flying and wrapping solo dance 4flying and wrapping solo dance 5flying and wrapping solo dance 6

Scaffolding children's learning

scaffolding learning through movement 1scaffolding learning through movement 2scaffolding learning through movement 3
scaffolding learning through movement 4scaffolding learning through movement 5scaffolding learning through movement 6

Creative problem solving through dance play

problem solving through dance play 1problem solving through dance play 2problem solving through dance play 3
problem solving through dance play 4problem solving through dance play 5problem solving through dance play 6

Creating, performing, responding

creating performing responding 1creating performing responding 2creating performing responding 3
creating performing responding 4creating performing responding 5creating performing responding 6


drawing and telling example 1drawing and telling example 2drawing and telling example 3

Children's photos and 'eye for dance' descriptions

Children's photos and 'eye for dance' 1Children's photos and 'eye for dance' 2Children's photos and 'eye for dance' 3

The role of the teacher

photo example of teacher role 1photo example of teacher role 2photo example of teacher role 3
photo example of teacher role 4photo example of teacher role 5photo example of teacher role 6

Teacher program plans and journal notes

'I SEE a diamond (shape)'WONDER? 'It makes me wonder how we decorate, what kind of things we decorate with our bodies – that’s how we make so beautiful shapes.'FEEL? (about dancing with Annie) 'that one … makes me remember we gave Annie a move of Jellical Cats and that looks like Jellical cats (the pose)'.
FEEL 'I feel like a broken down train that moves so slowly. The broken down made it slower.'SEE 'I was trying to be a dung beetle, climbing up the dung, cause dung is pretty heavy for a dung beetle …'THINK: 'I was doing twirling and twirling and twirling – but it was being a bit too fast, cause I was being the Earth and Griffin told me that the Earth goes around as fast as a fingernail grows.' 'He has 3 encyclopaedias.'

Teacher Journal Notes 1

Teacher Journal Notes 2

Teacher Journal Notes 3

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